Generic Raven OAuth2 instructions

Raven OAuth2 is provided by Google and conforms to the OpenID Connect specification. Any application supporting sign in with Google can make use of Raven OAuth2. For detailed instructions on adding Google sign in support see the following Google documentation pages:


The user experience for Raven OAuth2 may differ from the user experience shown by legacy Raven services. In particular users will be asked for consent on the first sign in. Please see the notice to IT professionals on the UIS website for more information.

Registering OAuth2 client credentials

On order to make use of Raven OAuth2 you will need to register your application. There are instructions on registering an application elsewhere in this documentation.

OAuth2 client configuration

This documentation covers configuring wordpress and the Apache web-server for Raven OAuth2. There are many OAuth2-capable applications and we cannot provide detailed instructions for all of them.

Some of the configuration parameters you may find are listed below along with the values you should use with Raven OAuth2.

Parameter Value
OIDC Metadata URL
Scopes profile email openid
Login Endpoint URL
Userinfo Endpoint URL
Token Validation Endpoint URL
Revocation Endpoint URL
Display Name Claim name
Username or Email Claim email
JWKS Certificates

Last update: April 22, 2021