Adding Raven to your applications

If you are developing your own web applications you will usually want to add support for Raven authentication directly into your site rather than relying on the web server implementing it for you.

This section includes guides on integrating Raven with popular application frameworks.

Raven offers two standard protocols: OAuth2 and SAML 2.0. It is highly likely that your application framework will already have support for at least one of those protocols.

Choosing a protocol

For server-side applications, either Raven SAML 2.0 or Raven OAuth2 can be used and the choice will depend mostly on which protocol is best supported by your server-side framework.

For client-side applications which run primarily within the end-user's web browser we recommend Raven OAuth2 as it has been designed from the beginning to support client-side flows. For the most part you can follow any guide for adding sign in with Google support such as Google's own documentation on OAuth2 for Client-side Web Applications.

Irrespective of which protocol you select, make sure that you follow the Raven "golden rules".

"Your framework here"

We welcome contributions covering how to integrate Raven sign in with popular client-side and server-side web frameworks. Please open an issue on the Raven documentation project to start a conversation with us.

Last update: February 27, 2020